Are you someone who loves Gingerbread, Honeycomb, KitKat, Nougat, Ice-Cream Sandwich, Oreo? If yes, you are in for a sure treat here! Before you could whet your appetite and get ready for a short snack, let’s make this clear. You know that we are not talking about the quick eats and you do know that we are talking about the now pervasive Android. You are certainly right in that regard.

Look’s like the Android market is taking the world by storm. With just one launch of an App on the Play Store, kids are becoming rich overnight. Not to mention this fact that college-goers are inundating the play store with savvy apps every-other day to simply know the tricks of the trade.

So, going by all these hypes, is Android the next big thing? Of Course Yes! Now that Google virtually holds a monopoly in the internet sector, it is only sensible to master Android to stay in the race. Also, almost every handset maker such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola is compatible with Android making this Open Source Operating System all the more demanding.

Given all the superfluous statistics about Android, it is only appropriate for you to wonder if you can chase your Android Development Dreams. Without any inhabitance, simply go ahead and explore the domain of Android, the prospects it holds. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom on Android that we thought would help aspiring Android Developers know more about the Operating System.

Android Market Rules the world:
It is indeed an undeniable fact that the joy of experiencing an App has simply magnified post the explosion of the Android Market. Ever since the Android rage caught on with the world, everyone has become much more accessible to apps. Though this fact that even the iTunes Store/ Apple market is quite popular, one has to take this fact with a pinch of salt. Unlike Android, the iTunes Store has its own set of bottlenecks. Therefore, if you wish to have an upper-hand wish to float your app on all devices such as Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, Redmi, you know what has to be done.

It’s all about the money:
Did you know that one simple idea could mean that your life would become all $$$ and more $$$? Yes, that’s true. Android Market being one of the most promising markets affords to make no cut for all the savvy developers. If you know the tricks of the trade and create that one all pervasive app, may be you could simply be scooped up by a giant and probably your life could be settled. More than just being scooped up by a giant, you can price your product and hold absolute authority over it. Just to help you gauge the gravity of the situation, we have compiled a list of some premier Android Apps that are making money by each moment.

Tinder Plus: $9.99USD / Month
LastPass Password Manager: $24 USD / Year
Tasker: $2.99 USD
Nova Launcher Prime: $4.99 USD
Facetune: $5.99 USD
CamScanner: $4.99 USD
Todoist: $28.99 USD

More than just that you can go the distance and explore the two pricing models in the Android Market. One of them being the App Download model which pays fixed prices for the app. The other model that you can look into is the Ad-Revenue Model which gets you money for the ads that Google pays you for placing ads onto your app. Either way; it’s a market that is rife with monetary value.

Be your own boss:
Though every blue-chip tech company will be interested in hiring a promising Android Developer, you can have your own venture and be your own boss. Another perk about learning Android is that you have the abundant opportunity to freelance with a host of organizations simultaneously. Not just that, apart from all these, you also have the opportunity to master every operating system if you know how to work with Android. Therefore, to become the jack of all trades or to float your own technology venture you can simply go ahead and learn all that you can about Android.

No cap on your creativity:
You can let your creativity let riot and create that one crazy app which can revolutionize the world. Or you could simply leverage an idea from an existing product and simply tweak another successful app to create yours. Either way, the Android market will never curtail your creativity. So, if you choose to enter the Android market, you can put on your thinking caps and explore all possibilities for a good idea. The best part about the Android market is that “You Can Make What You Want”. Therefore, if you wish to hone your creativity and make the wide world look at your creation, you know what you should be doing now!

Now that you know the Android Market by the flip of your palm, you might want to get started on creating your app. But, if at all you feel that you need some more relevant insights about the vastly significant Android Market you can simply reach out to us and our experienced Android Gurus will be more than happy to help you out!