Ever heard of the names Shradha Sharma or Arianna Huffington? Well, don’t worry if you have not. These are some of the women who made their words go vocal on the internet. Shradha Sharma through her startup focused Yourstory made young Indians read like never before. Similarly, Arianna Huffington, through her Huffington Post created a buzz in the print space. So, did these women arise out of nowhere to make their presence felt in the print space? Not Quite!

Both the stalwarts in the print space went through varied phases to make their presence felt. Not just that, the two women chose to make their presence felt through one of the most powerful weapon in today’s world “The Pen”. Be it the physical writing or digital writing, the pen in indeed a mighty choice to let the wide world know what you feel. Not just that, the pen can be wielded by anyone from the comforts of their homes and does not require a designated space get started.

Now that you know all these about the mighty pen, is it not a good idea to propel yourselves and explore the digital space to vocalize your words?

So ladies, to get you started on your journey to crystallize your words in the digital space and to let you know what the domain entails, we are giving you a taste of what is happening in the real world.

Make your living from the comforts of your home:
Nothing beats those hard-earned sweat and blood. This is ever sweeter if you can make those big bucks from the comforts of your house. Bloggers and freelance writers are making money with each hour. On an average, as per reports from Glassdoor, established bloggers can make anywhere between 19,000$-80,000$ every year. Also, if you are a freelance writer, you can get around 15$-100$ for your write-ups. Moreover, if you establish yourself as an experience bloggers, you can simply work for anywhere between 2-3 hours each day and bid adieu to that 9-6 routine. Therefore, if you know the tricks of the trade of blogging, life is all going to be about money.

Establish your expertise
“The expert in everything was once a beginner”
You cannot become an expert overnight; therefore you can continue to wield the pen everyday to cumulate your online stature. As you continue to continue to work your way to become an experience blogger, chances are that you might become an expert. Day in and day out, if you start blogging and if visitors start following your pages, it is highly possible that you may become an expert in you field of interest. Also, if you choose to blog on fashion or on global cuisine, you may even be called as a judge for a show. Therefore, opportunities are not capped if you blog. Chances are that you may discover a series of opportunities if you start blogging.

Blogging Is no rocket-science
As a blogger all that you need is a laptop or a computer with an active internet connection. Also, blogging is no rocket-science and will not demand the entirety of the day. Moreover, no matter what your field of expertise is you can choose to blog about it. Be it the field of fashion, cuisine, medicine, startups or even something as basic as interior decoration. Moreover, establishing a blog is not a pricey affair either. You can simply choose to blog on any topic of your choice and get started with your blog right here, right now!

Can help your business grow
Though blogging is an independent business in itself, continuous blogging can help your business get traction. Consider this, you have a confectionery business, you can blog about small tricks on baking and create engagement on your blog. This can in turn help your business grow. Therefore, you never know about the perks of blogging. So, here’s what you can do. Simply start a blog and see of that helps your business grow!

Now that you know about all these perks on blogging, isn’t it right to get started with your own blog? So, get started and figure out how you can start making money as well with your blog. But, before you get there, will it not be simply exciting if you could interact with an on-field expert in the field of blogging. To help you with that we have planned for a workshop for all aspiring Womentrepreneur like you. So, simply sign up to clarify all your doubts.