Today you can mine, save or deal using bitcoins which are globally accepted. The virtually operational peer-to-peer cryptocurrency will help you get more things done. Learn how to use bitcoins effectively.

By setting up a simple Bitcoin wallet, you can start saving bitcoins without any limits. There are lots of bitcoin wallet providers to offer the easy store, send & receive features. So you can instantly transfer funds in bitcoins using those wallets. Some wallet providers even pay you interests for your bitcoins savings account. You can also find few companies even offers loans in bitcoins. As bitcoins market exchange is in the hike, becoming a Bitcoinian will be one of the smarter steps in your life as there are many eyebrow-raising success stories of bitcoin millionaires who all were terribly benefited by investing in bitcoins.

Bitcoins are globally accepted, so now you can easily purchase goods online or in local stores. There are few brands accept directly bitcoins from customers. But if you want to buy products from your favorite retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Starbucks, Domino’s and more, you can go with Paxful which lets you purchase prepaid cards of your favorite store using bitcoins. Tech giants like Microsoft, WordPress & Dell were already accepting direct bitcoin payments for buying products instantly. You can also buy products using bitcoins at few Etsy sellers, book online tickets on Expedia, sell your products on Shopify and more.

Bitcoins for Business
Whether you’re running a large-scale business or a startup or a freelancer, using bitcoins for your business will reduce the transaction costs. Accepting bitcoins will reduce the cost of banking solutions for your business and also help you manage everything from one place no matter where you’re; whether from your office desk, on the train or in bed. Accepting bitcoins will also fuel media coverage over your brand which adds benefits of awareness and reaches more new Bitcoinian customers.

Donating, fundraising & crowd funding made easier using bitcoins. More nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, charitable trusts and orphanages are now accepting bitcoins as a payment method which also gives more trust, transparency & authenticity especially using BitGive Foundation‘s initiative called GiveTrack, a donation transparency module which lets donors follow and track their donations in real time.